A Safe, Convenient and Affordable Answer to Bulk Storage

Precision Proline, formerly Proline Systems, Inc, rents reusable and returnable bulk bags for offshore drilling, chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

With over 100 years of offshore and land drilling expertise, we have the knowledge and experience to customize a bulk system for a number of challenging applications. The complete Precision Proline System is designed to eliminate waste and disposal problems, prevent worker injuries caused by lifting and cutting 50 lb sacks, and reduce exposure to dust and particles.

Once the bags are emptied, just send them back to us where we inspect, clean, repair (if needed), and prepare it for another cycle. When properly cared for, our bags will be in service for many years and experience several hundred-trip cycles.

The Environmental Report

with Terry Bradshaw

Changing the way we do things to help preserve and protect our world for the future. Learn what Precision Proline is doing to make a difference.